Call for Papers

13 januari 2021
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Call for Papers in een Special Issue van Psychological Injury and Law. 

  • Topic: Symptom and Performance Validity Assessment: European Trends in Research and Practice
  • Guest Editors: Thomas Merten & Brechje Dandachi-FitzGerald
  • Time Schedule: Call for papers in January 2021; submission deadline: August 31, 2021; anticipated publication release: early in 2022.
  • Submission guidelines and submissions: Please include a statement that a submission is targeting the special issue.

Psychological assessments in high stake cases, such as in tort, worker’s compensations, and disability (insurance, military veterans) require use of psychological instruments that evaluate the extent of symptom exaggeration and degree of test effort. The former are referred to as Symptom Validity Tests (SVTs) and the latter Performance Validity Tests (PVTs). The need to use these instruments is world-wide, and Europeans have been part of the research wave on these instruments. The journal Psychological Injury and Law is hosting a series of international special issues on the topic, with the first one on European contributions. Psychological injuries concerns TBIs, PTSD, chronic pain, depression/ anxiety, etc., after an event at claim. The present call invites excellent researchers and practitioners who deal with these tests to write literature reviews and empirical research on the topic. Be sure to include psychometrics, cut scores, decision making protocols, when malingering is attributable, etc. Next to SVT and PVT research, contributions on methodological and conceptual issues (test motivation, malingering, feigning, response bias, consistency/ plausibility, etc.) and forensic assessment at large are welcome.

Although invited, the submissions will be subject to independent peer review. The special issue editors will vet the submissions beforehand, though, for their applicability and quality. We are open to preliminary inquiries, so please consult Dr. Thomas Merten ([email protected]) or Dr. Brechje Dandachi-FitzGerald ([email protected]). We request authors to use English writing services to proof their submissions, where required.